Saturday, February 21, 2015

Mehr News: "Iran holds very high profile in tooth implanting"

"Iran's today status in tooth implanting is quite satisfactory in the world":
Scientific secretary of the 1st International Tooth Implantology Conference (ITIC) has announced Iran can compete with the EU and US in the field of tooth implanting.

Scientific Secretary of the 1st International Tooth Implantology Conference (ITIC) Dr. Rouhollah Nowrouzi stated that Iran holds a very high profile in latest implanting techniques used in the world which makes it competitive with the Europe, the US and other developed countries in this field, IRNA reported.

Being the first Asian country mastering in tooth implanting technique, Iran's today status in tooth implanting is quite satisfactory in the world, Nowrouzi said.

Due to the satisfying development of the tooth implant techniques in Iran and achieving eye catching successes in the field, the International Implantology Committee (IIM) selected Iran as the head of that international scientific group for the year 2016.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

(PressTV-Iran) "Zionists dominate banking, media and politics: D. Duke"

Same old Iran. The shorter title that links to this from the main PressTV page reads "World Domination is a Zionist Agenda":
Press TV has interviewed Dr. David Duke, former member of US House of Representatives, Louisiana about the influence of Israel on American policy and how Zionism influences media, banking and politics.

What follows is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: First of all I'd like to get your thoughts on the AIPAC's efforts to implement more sanctions on Iran and also the significance that a US Rabbi is criticizing AIPAC for what he calls their strong-arming tactics.

Duke: First off, good morning to you and good morning to the people of Iran and around the world in our efforts to stop this insane Zionist war – one more Zionist war just like Afghanistan, just like Iraq and just as they've done against Lebanon, as they've done against the Palestinian people.

Obviously AIPAC is an organization that is a Zionist organization that's working for the interest of Israel and for the radical Jews who control the Jewish community in America. There are a few dissenting Jews, which we should be very happy for and I'm glad there are some Jews there to challenge some issues.

But every major Jewish organization in the United State of America is pushing for war and sanctions against your country (Iran) when the true nuclear rogue state of course is Israel and Israel is a real threat to world peace.

It's just insane... the American intelligence community in fact we did a national intelligence estimate of leading intelligence organizations in the United States of America: the CIA, all the national security agencies, organizations in our country and they themselves looked at the evidence and said that Iran has no program for building a nuclear weapon whatsoever. So, why do we have sanctions? The state that should be sanctioned is Israel.

At least we have a few Jewish dissenters - Jewish dissenters get some publicity, but I hope that Iran and the world doesn't misunderstand the fact that the Jewish community, the organized Jewish community – that doesn’t mean every Jew – but the organized Jewish community is very, very strongly pushing for war – a war that would be catastrophic for the people of Iran and around the world.

I document this by the way on my website and we have the evidence and the documents on this that are fully available for anyone around the world to read.

Press TV: I'm curious about how the dynamics work in this issue. I'd like you to explain it for us and our viewers – The members in the Congress and the Senators, do they agree with AIPACS allegations? Do they choose to ignore the facts, or are they all just on board? And how far are AIPAC and those pro-Israeli lobbies willing to go with regards to Iran?

Duke: You have to remember and this is the key element for anybody around the world... Zionism is not simply like the Jewish state in Israel or Netanyahu and a few of these other radicals in Israel forming many of these policies and a few other Jewish groups around the world supporting them. This is worldwide.

Zionism is a worldwide phenomenon. It is a globalist phenomenon. They dominate international banks with enormous financial power; they dominate the world's media; and they dominate the political structure.

In America they do it by controlling campaign financing and basically because of the power in the media if you combine the campaign financing influence with the media they are able to blackmail every politician.

Every politician knows that if they support Israel they will get positive response in the media. If they dare to put America first and the interests of the world first and the interest of peace and decency and humanity first, they will be condemned and thrown out of Congress.

There is simply not one American Congressman truly willing to stand up to the Zionists in this country. They have been bought off. It's the best Congress money can buy and it's shameful to the American people.

As an American I'm ashamed at the fact that our politicians have so sold out the interests of really the American people and of course human rights and freedoms.

The real rogue state, the nuclear rogue ...[entity]; the...[entity] that has nuclear weapons right now; the [entity] that has United Nations resolutions for them to get out of the West Bank for instance in which they've been violating for decades. That's the...[entity] that should be sanctioned, not Iran.

Press TV: How can this status quo change, for example, what you said about US Senator not daring to stand up against the Israeli lobbies. What can be done to bring about change?

Duke: With a change of consensus. And that's why people have to learn about Zionism and I think the people of the Middle East and other regions of the world including Iran has got to work very hard to explain to people that the Palestinian problem and the Zionist problems go far beyond the relationship between Israel and the Palestinians, Israel and Lebanon, Israel and Syria, Israel and Iran.

It is a worldwide problem. And the control of the media and the control of the political processes around the world, they are behind what we call globalism, which is really an effort toward world government; towards a...extremist Messianic vision of the world. Now, that might sound radical and strange.

But Ben Gurion himself said that Israel would become the Supreme Court of mankind; that all nations and armies would be abolished...It's talking about world domination.

And they really do dominate the world in many ways, in media, in international banking and in politics. And by controlling America they control a great deal of the military force of the world.

So unless you educate people on this issue around the world and change the consensus we cannot change the political process. In doing this we begin to change everything and I believe we're doing that everyday...

Sunday, January 5, 2014

"Iranian [Dental] researchers develop ‘deep implant method’" (Mehr News)

Another great leap forward. I wonder what the image depicts:
Researchers in Azad University of Dentistry have developed a deep implant method which eliminates the possible damages on the nerves.

Dr. Ali Hassani, the senior researcher in the project told Mehr News that the method ruled out the need to chiseled jaw surgery for deep implant of the tooth.

“Most people lose their lower mandibular bone as their lose teeth, which poses issues when implanting teeth,” he added, and that “when a person loses his lower mandibular bone, when bone transplant is not a preferred method, they would need to have teeth deeply implanted which would damage the nerves.”

He also detailed the modus operandi of the device. “It is a metal device which reduces damage on sensory nerves when the technician chisels the jaw or removes the nerves,” he said. “Protecting the jaw is important in the country where people suffer from oral diseases damaging the gum, to which this method would contribute the most,” he added.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Whiny Mondoweiss article about awkward moment at dentist's office

Awkward moment at the dentist's office? It must be apartheid!
. . . A few minutes later, my middle daughter was reclining in the hygienist’s chair having her teeth cleaned.

“Apparently the person who scheduled your appointment at your last visit thought you wanted to see the dentist,” she said as she worked. “And everyone who sees the dentist for the first time needs an x-ray.”

“You provide services in Hebrew and in Russian,” I said. “Why not in Arabic? Isn’t Arabic also an official language of Israel?”

There was a pause and the hygienist looked at me, humanity shining in her eyes. She didn’t respond to me, but she spoke to my daughter. I think she said: “Spit.”

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Dentist Accused Of Using Paper Clips In Root Canals"

It seems that this first sentence should read "Medicaid fraud and using paper clips." From the AP:
A former dentist in Massachusetts has pleaded guilty to Medicaid fraud for using paper clips instead of stainless steel posts in root canals. [...]

Authorities say instead of stainless steel posts for root canals, he used sections of paper clips — which can cause pain and even infection — in an effort to save money.

Monday, August 22, 2011

(North) Korean News: "New Invention for Dental Correction Made in Korea"

"A very small screw which is implanted on tooth root"? I think I'll stick to my imperialist dentist, thank you.
Pyongyang Medical College of Kim Il Sung University invented a new dental correction device.

The existing devices are complicated in operation and take a long time in treatment.

Pae Jae Son, a 47-year old researcher of the university, told KCNA that the new invention is a very small screw which is implanted on tooth root.

It is considered a better device for dental correction.

The titanium-made screw is low in production cost and simple in operation.

It also takes a short time in treatment.

The new invention has already been introduced in Pyongyang City Dental Preventive Hospital and other dental hospitals in the country.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Fars News (Iran): "Iran Ready to Send Dentists to Regional Countries"

If I worked hard enough at it, I would probably have a post for this blog every day. This story, for instance:
A senior Iranian health ministry official announced on Monday that Tehran is prepared to dispatch dentists and dental care specialists to the regional states.

"Iran is ready to train oral and dental care specialists and send them to the countries of the region," Head of the Health Ministry's Oral and Dental Care Department Mohammad Hossein Khoshnevisan told FNA on Monday.

He further stressed Iran's tight cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO) in area of oral and dental care, and announced that Iran is due to host the next meeting of the WHO East Mediterranean Regional Office (EMRO)

The meeting, which will be the first of its kind in Iran, will be attended by representatives and oral and dental care specialists from 22 world countries, he added.

Iran has taken wide strides in science and technology, particularly in medical and medicinal fields, in recent years.

Earlier this month, Iranian Health Minister Marzieh Vahid Dastjerdi boasted the country's astonishing progress in producing medical tools, equipment and drugs, saying that Iran ranks first in synthesizing different drugs and medications in the region.

"Iran certainly ranks first in the region in producing medical equipment and medicine and those who stand behind us cannot be compared with Iran at all," Vahid Dastjerdi said addressing the inaugural ceremony of an international exhibition on medical, dentistry and laboratory equipments in Tehran at the time. [...]