Sunday, January 5, 2014

"Iranian [Dental] researchers develop ‘deep implant method’" (Mehr News)

Another great leap forward. I wonder what the image depicts:
Researchers in Azad University of Dentistry have developed a deep implant method which eliminates the possible damages on the nerves.

Dr. Ali Hassani, the senior researcher in the project told Mehr News that the method ruled out the need to chiseled jaw surgery for deep implant of the tooth.

“Most people lose their lower mandibular bone as their lose teeth, which poses issues when implanting teeth,” he added, and that “when a person loses his lower mandibular bone, when bone transplant is not a preferred method, they would need to have teeth deeply implanted which would damage the nerves.”

He also detailed the modus operandi of the device. “It is a metal device which reduces damage on sensory nerves when the technician chisels the jaw or removes the nerves,” he said. “Protecting the jaw is important in the country where people suffer from oral diseases damaging the gum, to which this method would contribute the most,” he added.

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